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What’s up guys!

Last May, while doing my student short EL TERROR, I had the great opportunity to design a puppet with Furry Puppet Studio for a music video. Sadly, the music video will not be release publicly…But the creative director told me I could show you some of my work on it. So here it is! I don’t have a pictures of the whole body but I’m sure there is one of it on their facebook page.

It’s really weird and funny to see one of my scrappy digital doodle to turn into an actual real three dimensional thing!! Seriously the picture with the expressions totally freaks me out! He really looks like he’s alive for real! Like he has a job, a family and other stuff that real people have (toothbrush). I don’t know…

Anyway, I hope I’ll have the chance to design other puppets with Furry Puppet Studio because it’s just super awesome.

Hope you enjoy all of this!

I’m out!


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I just find it so interesting to learn about other artist’s processes, what’s yours? 


I always wonder what it looked like inside one of my cars - from our latest #SDCC book http://ift.tt/1wmr220


Higher Sky, student short-film directed by Eric Cheng (University of Southern California).
Preview video : http://vimeo.com/100568781


here’s a little something i did for katarakt, i feel like keeping everything simple those days


Star Butterfly’s official design and the Star vs the Forces of Evil logo!


#inktober the fifteenth. A fairy queen of sorts.


quick test


Blue River - ELI

2 Versions that I had laying around on one of our tablets before it died. Months later, I was finally able to retrieve it after it died again. And yes, the water is not blue, but that was the original file name. hah. :)   http://elioliart.blogspot.com/2014/07/blue-river.html


In other news, We were honored to be asked by Pascal Campion to contribute to his Kickstarter book if the stretch goal is met. But just contribute for his beautiful work alone. So click the link and help out if you can!




Left my watercolors at home, so you get some digital #filmnoir action instead…


Bedtime can be a terrifying childhood experience. Based on a true story. 


And one more… #watercolor